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How to be an 82nd Airborne Ranger

11x option 40. MODERATORS

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God I wish I could be in the shape I was in after basic training. Seriously, just let me know. The 75th Ranger Regiment requires that its leaders attend the U. Brush up on your Ranger history.

Do I need the Ranger tab in order to join the 75th Ranger Regiment?

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If eligible, we will send you a copy of the appropriate packet to apply for the Regiment. Hopefully this article answered most your questions and will help you get prepared for your attempt at being an Army Ranger. Be civil with others, but also don't forget to have thick skin.

So You Want To Be An Army Ranger…

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We will review it and ensure you are eligible. He or she will contact you to discuss any details. Best advice is to not talk to them unless you have to.

What is the difference between the 75th Ranger Regiment and Ranger School?

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Best quote of the day came from the station commander at his recruiting station If a mod locks a thread that is not an invitation to start PMing said mod to argue or disagree further. You mumbled something under your breath.

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