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Quality Belly Rings - Quality Materials Jewelry that will hang in front of the belly button or from a ring. Our recommendations for the best quality body jewelry designs is to shop the "quality belly ring pages", the gold designs of the nose rings, the custom made gold designs in the belly rings and the nickel free princess navel rings page.


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We have made a commitment to offering belly button rings that are made of quality steel barbells and quality metals in the decorations gold, sterling silver, gemstones. If you would like additional information on the jewelry that we offer, please feel free to ask us any questions, prior to making a buying decision. You can select a 1.

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Gauge Fractional Inches Millimeters See the charts located further down on this page for conversion data on the most popular piercing gauges and ball sizes. While we will not be able to answer every possible question on this subject here, we will include specific information about the measuring of some of the more popular styles of body piercing jewelry. Quality Belly Rings - Quality Materials Quality construction accompanies the higher end materials, which is why you will only find quality materials used on our bottom mounted belly button ring designs. We work hard to offer unique, quality, affordable body jewelry for you to wear and enjoy.

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Select from nose studs, nose screws, nose bones, nose pins and captive rings. Many feel that these are a more comfortable design. You will need ring opening pliers, or have your local piercing studio put this in for you. Labret Piercing Jewelry With labret jewelry, the length measurement is the shaft distance between the inside portion of the disk and the ball or spike at the other end.

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