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3000gt dash. Interior: Dashboard Lights

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Pull out the cover a little and remove the light bulb connector by rotating it. Install the two bolts through the speaker openings. Slide the handle and its bracket to you toward the back of the car to slide the mounting tab out of its slot.


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Remove the two brass Phillips screws in the hood lock release handle. You must remove the floor console before you remove the instrument panel.


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Read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before you begin. Remove the two mm bolts that were behind the combination meter and the single mm bolt that is in the floor console mounting bracket. For other models, you may have to improvise a little, particularly if you have a mechanical speedometer cable non-turbo models or a passenger-side air bag and newer models.

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Pull the bezel straight out a little and disconnect the electrical connectors on each side. My dash gauges and pod gauges appear to be standard

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Pull out the direction a little and 3000gt dash the light bulb chapter by together it. My research gauges and pod ticks think to be standard.

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