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Video about 347 stroker kit for 302:

1993 ford mustang 347 stroker 500+ hp

347 stroker kit for 302. Engine Rotating Kits

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They are available with a dish for 8. The will also make more usable torque.

347 Stroker Kit

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The piston rings that Summit provides are Speed-Pros that require filing for fit. Use a high quality tapered-style piston ring compressor to install them pistons and rods for best results. Once all eight bores have been clearanced, use a Dremel tool with a smooth sanding roll or a fine-grit sanding stone to massage the area.

Low On Cash But Still Want To Go Fast? Take A swing At This Garage-Built Stroker

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We ultimately decided on a cid motor, for reasons we'll explain in this article. Fortunately, this boss is not a major structural member and does not flow any oil inside of it.

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