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The refuge offers visitors over 12 miles of foot trails and an 1. Gary Kimball with a nice bass from Canyon Lake.

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It is a must- see attraction while in San Antonio, just ask any resident! Tourists can visit the Alamo, the beautiful River walk, the infamous SeaWorld, Spanish missions, and so many other tourist and historical sites.

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Due to its location on the mainland, adjacent to the hyper-saline Laguna Madre Bay and onto the barrier islands and beaches of South Padre Island, the Laguna Atascosa NWR provides an important habitat for nesting sea turtles, blue crab, herons and egrets and many other species. Lake Pleasant northwest of Phoenix is a quick drive from town and offers excellent largemouth fishing. Over species of butterflies have been documented on the refuge.

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The Spanish settled Texas by establishing Catholic missions. The Karankawa people lived along the Gulf Coast of Texas.

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