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Amelia Bloomer

Amelia bloomers. Amelia J. Bloomer

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She may also have begun wearing more accepted clothing to men to draw attention away from the clothing she wore to the issues about which she wrote and lectured, especially suffrage for women and temperance. Dress Reform Female fashion in the s consisted of unhealthy tightly laced corsets, layers of petticoats that could weigh over 10 pounds and floor-length dresses, which often led to severe health problems.

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Bloomers consisted of a loose-fitting blouse, a knee-length skirt, and baggy pants. I hold that woman has as good and rightful a claim to them as her brother, and that the man who denies this claim is not only no good democrat, and much less a good republican, but that in being guilty of this denial he commits an act of the grossest injustice and oppression. Bloomer felt that as women lecturers were considered unseemly, writing was the best way for women to work for reform. Although her work was far less renowned than some of her contemporaries, her contributions influenced gender roles in the 19th century as America debated social reforms and constitutional rights.

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Bloomer was born in Homer, New York. There she supported a legal code that ended the distinction between male and female property rights.

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The next year, she began to publish the Lily, a newspaper dedicated to gaining women suffrage and equal economic and educational opportunities as men. She became a teacher, at first in the public schools and afterward as a private tutor. Bloomer sold The Lily in to Mary Birdsall, because she and her husband Dexter were moving again this time to Council Bluffs, Iowa, where no facilities for publishing the paper were available.

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There, she called on women to become property owners. I was ready to join with that party in demanding for women such change in laws as would give her a right to her earnings, and her children a right to wider fields of employment and a better education, and also a right to protect her interest at the ballot box. Bloomer continued to speak frequently on the issues so near her heart, visiting and speaking in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, Milwaukee and St. It also encouraged temperance.

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