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Sometimes the consonants may be in pairs CH, TH , but rarely more than that. Don't spend time memorizing the dictionary, however - you'll get more mileage from memorizing lists of short words such as two letter words and three letter words. English does have quirks.

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These evade most of the tricks for making words from your letters. These are the building blocks of larger words, often borrowed from older languages.

Word Origin & History

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Somewhere along the line, people started abusing them. These evade most of the tricks for making words from your letters. Skimming common root words is also good. If you're playing a game where you are rewards for quickly unscrambling words from your letters, this approach can really pay off.

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The solver is a fast dictionary search that generates a list of words ranked by length. Set the sequence to one side and look at the remaining letters to see what words you can make with those letters. For example, if we can can construct something we can reconstruct or deconstruct or disconstruct We also built some tools to help build vocabulary.

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This type of quick thinking can help max out your score in boggle or scrabble. Organize them into a shell of a word - vowel, consontant, vowel, etc. Skimming common root words is also good.

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Using stop freak can help if you're a trivial planet. We also had some tools to go okay vocabulary.

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