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Group of youth turns human faeces to cash minting project

Artificial meat from human feces. American Gut

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Cattle and other domestic livestock appear to be resistant to natural infection. This could get pricey.

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Then, we just keep getting these signals to eat, eat, and eat. His lab and lab members have and continue to work on some of the most important microbiome studies around the world — their research appears regularly in leading scientific journals such as Science, Nature, PNAS, PLOS and so forth. It is not known exactly how CWD is transmitted.

Chronic Wasting Disease FAQ

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Only serious need inquire — please email info americangut. If you're worried, my advice is to drink bottled water even the stuff that is taken from municipal water supplies is heavily filtered and put through RO or put in your own RO unit for your drinking water. For a commercial process you would have to keep the fecal matter separate from the point of collection through processing.

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