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Ashevilles craigslist. Asheville's Mayor Manheimer issues statement condemning 'hate speak,' promoting unity

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Very few real artists make a living here the ones that do make a living do so outside of this piddly town that dares to call itself a city. The second best gallery is the back of a skate-shop. The artist here do not critic or strive or aim for anything greater. Perhaps a salon regarding the truth would be in order.

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Whoopdey-dooo, the same local artists get displayed over and over again. Perhaps a salon regarding the truth would be in order. Or else get wise, get serious and step up your f-cking game. The joke is on you.


And you call this an Guys You. I am an attorney and also do ad network work for every money.

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We volunteered time and time again, tried to arrange forward-thinking, inclusive projects only to be ignored by those who control the arts here. This is not a t-ball game where everyone gets a trophy. I am an artist and also do ad agency work for extra money.

Asheville, North Carolina

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