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He was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Tucson. However, another band of lake-effect snow will develop over the lake later and eventually move back on shore Sunday night across the east-side snow belt.

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Tom must also have learned to bury fear and remain calm so as to give orders effectively under trying conditions. If the water-butts ran dry, the crew could always dip a bucket over the side. Legend and Robert Forbes have added confusion to the story. He writes both fiction and history and is currently working on a biography of Tom Jeffords and has two historical novels in print:

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Tom must also have learned to bury fear and remain calm so as to give orders effectively under trying conditions. Problems with travelers on the road through Apache Pass resulted in the agency being moved there so that Jeffords would be close at hand to settle disputes. Madam and the Count were associated with Jeffords throughout the rest of his life.

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That two of his sons were captains suggests that Eber taught discipline, self-respect and courage. If the water-butts ran dry, the crew could always dip a bucket over the side. His novels immerse the reader in the times, terrain and cultures of 19th century New Mexico. The chief was wary of the Army.


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