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Attribution theory by weiner. Weiner Attribution Theory

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Attribution Theory attempts to explain the world and to determine the cause of an event or behavior e. Army, Weiner enrolled in a PhD program in personality at the University of Michigan , where he was mentored by John Atkinson, one of the leading personality and motivational psychologists of that era. Her current failure therefore is ascribed to insufficient effort. This internal, unstable, and controllable cause lowers personal regard but also gives rise to the maintenance of expectancy, hope, guilt, and regret, all of which are positive motivators.


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Association with Emotional Responses This dimension is related to feeling of pride and self-esteem. Association with Emotional Responses Guilt and shame are the kind of emotions experienced in this dimension. Rotter acknowledged one internal and one external cause, respectively, skill ability and luck chance , whereas Heider intuited three causes ability, effort, and task difficulty. Bernard Weiner, of the University of California at Los Angeles, developed what is now one of the popular theories of attribution.

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Three Casual Dimensions Locus Locus dimension refers to the perception of the cause of any event as internal or external. The initial experience following failure is unhappiness. The basic assumption of attribution theory is that man is motivated to understand the causal structure of his environment, to know why an event has occurred, and to what source the event can be ascribed. Weiner illustrated the temporal sequence of the model with two examples:

How Attributions Influence Behavior?

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There is a strong relationship between self-concept and achievement. From the aforementioned examples; if she believes that she could have done better in the test had she practiced more, the cause is controllable.

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