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The Standing Rock tribe has started raising money for its own spill response program. In fact, it's possible that you found this very column through a Facebook post in your newsfeed. Numerous energy companies around the country, like Black Hills Energy here in South Dakota, are slashing utility rates for their customers, which means smaller bills and more money in the family budget.

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It's their money in the first place, after all. Republicans promised a middle-class tax bill, but in reality the Trump tax gives benefits to the top one percent, big corporations, and Wall Street at the expense of working families.

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In response, local and national Indigenous and environmental justice groups held a rally at the U. While the school administration may not have considered the incident as an "accident," the SD Highway Patrol has been asked to investigate. Watch for late word from the Chairman's office to confirm the date. And in the end, they came out with a handful of proposals ranging from requiring a uniform petition and font size to increasing the threshold of support needed to alter the state's Constitution on the ballot.

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Despite Republican claims, corporations are using their massive tax windfalls to benefit their wealthy shareholders, not their workers. The following are statements from the participants and organizers of the rally: Harris participated in the National Mortgage Settlement against five banks:

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