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Apparently when Remington says that the scope is bore-sighted they mean that the scope is pointed in the general direction that the muzzle is. Clinicians should be on the lookout for hostility, criminality, manipulation, and substance abuse.


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J Am Acad Psychiatry Law. Additional visibility options help you to manage your privacy and who can see your profile. How to detect malingered psychosis. A Model so cheap that Remington barely acknowledges its existence.


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We don't have any advertising and we don't sell or share your personal data with any third parties! Stutts and colleagues17 reported a case of pediatric condition falsification referred to as malingering by proxy. After a week, it was quite clear that the patient was deliberately malingering depressive symptoms in order to avoid deportation.

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So I got frustrated to the point of looking into a new gun and quickly spotted a potential candidate. Vital signs, sleep log, appetite, as well as the interaction with staff and other patients on the ward may be revealing. She was tactfully confronted about this and was told that the morphine would be tapered off, after which the patient discharged herself.

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