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One time, she asked me to wait for 45 minutes while I was smoking with her because some 5 foot 5 manlet jockey was coming over. Now, I'm getting validation from these girls that that wasn't the case. Then she said she had a virgin yesterday who was


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Officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps said they'd recovered the bodies from Sunday's accident and would use a crane to lift the submerged bus from the riverbed. Backpage is a classified advertising website launched in She went down on price everytime.

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We would roll up two blunts and smoke them. He said the couple has two cats and a pickup with , miles on it. Don't know why I'm telling the Misc.

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AP -- A one-mile stretch of beach where nine people were bitten last week remained closed Monday after officials spotted 20 sharks swimming offshore. I end up taking this girl to an NBA game and we have sex for free once before she just disappears. He has a bonfire tattoo on his right shoulder and plans to hang a picture of a log stack in his dorm room. Beach Patrol officials made their decision after surveying the coast by helicopter early Monday.

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