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MOBB TIES ep.215 Tyler 'Kid Cannabis' Pagenstecher tyler. What the hell is going on with Backpage? Part II tyler Neither Healey nor Kilmartin made any means taking decriminalization, which would minor sex addresses from such status by allowing them to engage pro. tyler bolster portion of the u will is tyler this move as legislative. Carry more about using recent trainer sizes.

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Definitely not what I want to be doing, and a lot more unsafe. Backpage filed a federal suit today against Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart for violating its free speech and equal protection rights after the Sheriff successfully pressured credit card companies to break with the company this month. You can keep these keys on a drive.

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Learn more about server response time optimization. There are also many companies with extremely predatory practices, aggressively pursuing sex workers after the BP incident to not only use their exchange but also to store our money on their wallets. Learn more about minifying CSS.


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Use legible font sizes The text on your page is legible. The suit, brought by three Jane Does, was dismissed in May , but the plaintiffs are appealing. By submitting your ID to Eros, you are helping continue this tradition of safety and security. Leverage browser caching Setting an expiry date or a maximum age in the HTTP headers for static resources instructs the browser to load previously downloaded resources from local disk rather than over the network.


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Users can buy credits for posting via Bitcoin, or checks, money orders, or cash sent by mail to a post office box in Dallas. On February 15th , Healey filed an amicus curiae brief urging the U.

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Nobody is happy here. One anonymous North American sex worker e-mailed to share her experience with taking Bitcoins for sessions: What Eros failed to mention in this post is that the ID scan policy for all new posts was only introduced in November , after the FBI closed Redbook in June that year. And Bitcoin does require a level of tech-savviness that some middle aged and elderly sex workers may find difficult to achieve, as opposed to the few click throughs that were necessary to post on Backpage before the credit company bans.

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