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Theory Corner: Are the Rugrats Real?

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And finally 4 Jessie is not even funny! Hey Arnold is too awesome!

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Nobody wanted to be an actor of liv so Maddie had to do both: Dora refuses to accept it but suggests that they can share it, and Swiper shares his bunny with her. As amazing as it was, what exactly was Stu hoping to accomplish by inventing an "anti-gravity playpen"?

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Everything after that is rubbish. It wastes time at best, and plagues the brain at worst. Also along for the ride was the deeply neurotic chimpanzee Darwin, and crazy wild jungle boy Donnie, Eliza's adopted younger brother. Clever as he is, Swiper never manages to take Dora completely by surprise; an ominous "whisking" sound is always audible just prior to his appearances.

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