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Road to Origins: Batman's Midnight Release at Gamestop!

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Game Credits - A list of all the people and groups credited for all the games we know of. Baker's performance follows in the footsteps of previous incarnations, but finds a fresh approach for the icon.

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It doesn't quite match up with the more angular appearance of the in-game mask, though. Once Joker steps into the spotlight, it becomes a hard game to put down. My Games - Build your game collection, track and rate games. It may never be better than the original, but it's a great addition.

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Interestingly, the pack of the package touts that sculpt as being done by Gentle Giant. In fact, he feels really, really durable. Such issues do nothing to take away from Origins' strengths, though, giving you another chance to revisit a franchise that is surely now one of the generation's best.

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