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The birthday cake tradition in the United States is little more than a century old, but the relationship of cakes and celebration has a much longer history. Today, millions of cards are sent around the world each year to wish family and friends a happy birthday.

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Birthday greetings[ edit ] In most English-speaking countries it is traditional to sing the song Happy Birthday to You to the honored person celebrating a birthday. This trend has been explained by a theory that nobility were the only people wealthy enough to throw such celebrations, and quite possibly were the only ones deemed important enough to have been written about or remembered. The birthday cake tradition in the United States is little more than a century old, but the relationship of cakes and celebration has a much longer history. Using very small tapers to light a special cake, with the number of tapers equal to a birthday child's age, seems to have begun in Germany in the late eighteenth century or earlier, judging by a letter written in by the German poet and dramatist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, in which he referred to the tradition of Kinder-fest Goethe, pp.

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Today, millions of cards are sent around the world each year to wish family and friends a happy birthday. During the Middle Ages in Northern Europe there was little distinction made between bread and cake.

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This practice is often disapproved in regard to health and safety concerns. It is still common in some schools in the South, and more than , students were paddled in the school year in American public schools. Terminology[ edit ] In North America , the word "spanking" has often been used as a synonym for an official paddling in school, [4] and sometimes even as a euphemism for the formal corporal punishment of adults in an institution.

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The combination of melody and lyrics in "Happy Birthday to You" first appeared in print in , and probably existed even earlier. After the Middle Ages, birthdays began to be celebrated by others of wealth and position.

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