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Man knowingly gives aids to dozens of women

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Williams was once accused of exposing himself to a male student at Palm Beach Lakes High, favored younger men, and was seen frequenting Dolce, a popular gay club in West Palm Beach. Both were known affiliates of the Rollin' During those five days, Ganthier reportedly sent her family the twisted text messages as a sick prank.

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The last victim, discovered just before midnight, was a black "John Doe" stabbed to death on the street near Madison Square Garden. It made identifying them that much harder. The married man and stepfather of two began a conversation with a person he believed to be a mom of two girls, ages 9 and 12, from Miami, Florida.

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Then a tip was called into the Metropolitan police department, leading detectives to believe she had been murdered. The line at Plus on any given night, comprised entirely of young black men and women, who are stared down by bulky private security officers in black SWAT-style uniforms, prominent handguns and billy clubs holstered at their hips. Williams was once accused of exposing himself to a male student at Palm Beach Lakes High, favored younger men, and was seen frequenting Dolce, a popular gay club in West Palm Beach. There, police say, her hands and legs were bound together with duct tape and a bag placed over her head.

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