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Try the 'V' technique. Please answer me ASAP.

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Usually, you meet with the health care provider before you are examined, so you should have a chance to speak with the person first. It's Exquisitely Sensitive The clitoris contains at least 8, sensory nerve endings. The clitoris can be just as tender as his glans, so go gently, slowly and use lots of lube. I hit menopause seven years ago, so it's not some weird hormone surge.

But don't be afraid of vaginal rejuvenation following traumatic or multiple births.

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Stiffie Needs A Zipcode "I always like to hear from people who are satisfied with their sex lives and relationships," says author, sex researcher, vulva-puppeteer, and archrival sex-advice columnist Debby Herbenick, and I have to agree. OK, maybe not bees, but every female mammal has a clitoris. Your clitoris may seem or be, in fact, bigger than other girls' you know.

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