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Alternatively, send an email to chrissie. Sinovac is one of the only two manufacturers in China that produce a combined inactivated hepatitis A and B vaccine. Extremely rare adverse reactions:

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Anaphylactic shock could happen within one hour after vaccination, which need first-aid measures such as the injection of adrenalin. Don't remind me again You are currently accessing our secondary server Although the site contains up to date data, some features are unfortunately not available on the secondary server.

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Rash, itching, urticaria, erythema multiforme. Primary immunization could not achieve the expected results to hemodialysis patients, patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy or immune system injured patients. Alternatively, send an email to chrissie. However, the antibody titer will decrease when combined application of monovalent hepatitis A or hepatitis B vaccine and specific immunogloblulin, no effect to seroconversion.

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