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Born gay hoax. Clifford Irving

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Sure it is, right: Perry Inhofe, died in a plane crash in Owasso, Oklahoma , flying alone for the first time since training in a newly acquired plane. He is merely a Mossad operative well-placed by his arch-criminally minded Zionist masters.

Four Dead in Waffle House Shooting in Tennessee

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The Jews are on the warpath, and their target is well-defended, well-armed Americans. Clearly, the entire image is categorically corrupt, a cut-and-paste PhotoShop hack-job. The Bible would never have us turn a blind eye to our discontent in the name of pretentious holiness.

Definite Use of Tear Sticks to induce Fake Crying in Florida School Shooting Hoax

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And blessings, my friend. Such a supercilious facial expression is commonly seen in digitally altered images, especially those offered in fake mass shootings.

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