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Asphalt Driveway, removed and replaced, start to finish

Brookshires white oak. Piney Ridge RV Park

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I hope someone finds out who he is. With its mild winters and abundant water, this region stays green and lush much of the time, giving you plenty of outdoor time when others are bundled up shoveling snow. This idiot is not only driving in the fast lane, but not allowing other divers to pass him. Please keep in mind that there are over active and retired Houston Firefighters.

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If people have worked to sterilize these animals then they will not be having more puppies or kittens. My issue is that a really great partner was let go a few weeks ago.

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Not only is this reckless and irresponsible, but H-E-B has now called the municipality officials to remove the dogs to be killed. These animals keep new dogs or cats from moving into the area. These dogs are very timid and do not seek contact with people, preferring to stay in the adjoining field and ditch.

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