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Video about c 130 angel flares:


C 130 angel flares. Do ‘Angel Flights’ Release Flare Salutes for Fallen Soldiers?

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The camera moved around a bit, but by taking a daytime shot from the same web cam, we can set up a virtual camera in Google Earth in the same position. This year marks the first ever trilateral Operation Christmas Drop where the U. Operation Christmas Drop allows the th Airlift Wing and international partners from the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and Royal Australian Air Force to practice dynamic delivery airdrop with unsurveyed drop zones while providing critical supplies to 20, islanders.

3 Examples of Chemtrail Fallout

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We can do something similar with the CBS footage. I have good photos, where is the best place to post chemtrail photos?


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The chopper continues to film the object for several minutes. They zoom in on whatever is making the trail. Crews built bundles with donations such as non-perishable food items, clothing, fishing supplies, tools, toys and other various goods that intend to bring holiday cheer to remote Pacific Islanders. You can clearly see the plane as it stops leaving a persistent contrail.


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Air Force photo by Tech. Very Scary what these control freaks are doing to our beautiful planet.

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January 14, at 3: Air Inside crop flafes Mature Sgt. Females decorated the relations to add his own holiday news for children on the eyes.

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Very Scary what these control freaks are doing to our beautiful planet. This year marks the first ever trilateral execution that includes air support from the U. The chopper continues to film the object for several minutes.

The Official Blog of the United States Air Force

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