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The fish and shellfish is always extraordinarily fresh, like the caciucco di pesce, a hearty filet of red snapper sauteed in a white wine-saffron fish stock with equally-impressive clams, calamari and mussels and served atop crostini. The special roll comes packed with shrimp tempura and a crab stick, then gets a finishing touch with a beautiful cut of lobster.

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It features an outdoor bar, plenty of tables and a large stone fireplace for those chilly evenings. From-scratch gnocchi al tris di carne features veal, beef and pork braised in a red wine tomato sauce along with a generous helping of light and airy pasta. A beautiful tangle of pasta is presented in the Luna linguine dish, where roasted garlic and olive oil mingle with bursting cherry tomatoes, broccoli rabe and spicy andouille sausage. Popular in the South, Melange features a savory cheesecake, filled with crabmeat and Creole-spiced cream cheese, with a pecan crust.


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A meeting with head chef Baldino, who can be found greeting guests and dishing out orders on most nights. The popular table football game Subbuteo incorporated a lot of clever marketing gimmicks which meant if you had enough time and money, you could buy from a formidable catalogue of extras that meant your tabletop footballers could eventually turn out in their own stadium, complete with stands, working footlights, scoreboards, advertising hoardings, TV crews, St John's ambulancemen, cigar-smoking manager and subs in the dugout, policemen, stewards, programme salesmen, pie stall, the works. Route 73, Marlton , LaPosataRistorante.

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The proprietors, along with executive chef Benny Taormina, carry on her legacy with authentic food with a homespun feel. Have at it fellas, the more the merrier.


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