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Taking a wait-and-see attitude, they supported the Supreme Central Junta in Spain, a government which claimed to rule in the name of the abdicated Ferdinand VII. Atahualpa did not attempt to defeat Pizarro when he arrived on the coast in because the Incan ruler was convinced that those who commanded the mountains also controlled the coast. Technically still under investigation, Paz Zamora became an active presidential candidate in

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When he took office in , he faced a staggering economic crisis. Then, impatient with schisms in the coalition, he replaced civilians with members of the armed forces and suspended political activities.

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Most remained loyal to the Spanish Bourbons. Forced to work under primitive conditions in the mines and in nearly feudal status on gigantic estates with vast land with many holdings, they were denied access to education, economic opportunity, or political participation.

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Social warfare, chronic strikes, and mean verdict chaco paradox were widespread. Elsewhere christian to European increases, the native directive decreased rapidly.

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Bechtel argues that its contract was only to administer the water system, which suffered from terrible internal corruption and poor service, and that the local government raised water prices. Bolivian National Revolution[ edit ] Standing alongside the Mexican Revolution , the Bolivian National Revolution is one of the most significant sociopolitical events to occur in Latin America during the 20th century. The War of the Confederation broke out and different wars against almost all its neighbors were fought during this period with sound victories against its enemies.

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