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Video about clitoris hood piercing:

Sophia Grace Gets a Clitoral Hood Piercing (VCH)

Clitoris hood piercing. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a Clit Piercing

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The shape of the thighs will also play a similar role in twisting. Of course that does not mean you should mistreat or neglect your new body piercing. We will go over all of your options when you come in.

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The fourchette is placed where the inner labia come together at the bottom of the vaginal opening. Those interested in the procedure are commonly advised by their piercers of any location and placement issues. Your piercing professional might recommend that you take a non-aspirin pain killer such as ibuprofen prior to your appointment, but the actual procedure is quite quick. This is another one of those piercings that is surprisingly easy to receive and heals quickly.

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Special care needs to be taken during the healing process to ensure comfort. The skin of the inner labia is thin and soft making this piercing surprisingly easy to receive and quick to heal.

What Type of Jewelry Is Used for A Clitoris Piercing?

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