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Video about coffee grounds kill ants:

Ant vs coffee grain

Coffee grounds kill ants. How To Get Rid of Ants With Coffee Grounds

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Then I had to follow the trail of ants to where they were going, which was into holes that were at the bottom of one of the rails. I have found that people use 3 common home remedies to get rid of ants; diatomaceous earth, Borax and coffee grounds.

Why get rid of Ants?

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Find out which ants you have in your own yard with Ant Identification from the University of Nebraska. Cut off the bottom of a paper cup and cut a slit up the side of the cup and coat outside with vaseline and place around base of plant.

Ants and Coffee Grounds

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So I tried to put some into the space where they live, and I smeared coffee grounds along the trail they use for getting into and out of their nest. They may take coffee grounds back to their colony to feed the queen and the many workers. Borax does work and it is the main ingredient in many commercial products designed to get rid of ants.

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