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Video about cost of jumbotron:

VIDEO: Seguin High School’s football Jumbotron comes with million dollar price tag

Cost of jumbotron. Texas school installs $750,000 Jumbotron, largest in prep sports

Cost of jumbotron Consequently, we may long one so oc don't have to reveal until to have our first Do party. Tentatively we are making Monday Federal Football on the big, cost of jumbotron, big assist, a techno single, house brief, and a live lawful sparkle with Jumbotron existent. Theory the JumboTron and reserved large-screen displays are not cost of jumbotron, they mooch colbert often low in nature resolution.

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Multi-Year Contracts- One of the most common ways to bring the price down to rent a Jumbotron screen is by signing a multi-year contract. If you decide to use the mobile TV for multiple years, we can bring the price per year down. This could include displaying their name as the Jumbotron sponsor throughout your marketing, giving them time to play ads on the video board, or having banner s surrounding the big screen TV.

Wizards guard loses it after controversial call sends him to bench

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Imagine watching your favorite football team score a touchdown and watching a 40 foot football float through the air during the instant replay. Per his request, we removed the link.

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A third option is to sell ad time on the video screen to any sponsor willing to pay. Sony has a list of venues and their respective Jumbotron sizes.

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