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how to make compost tea from Manure , best garden plants fertilizer

Cow manure compost tea. DIY Manure Tea – Putting Manure to Work in Your Garden

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But the only way to know the details is to have quite an extensive lab going. Once it has fully brewed, you will have to strain it through cheesecloth to separate the solids from the liquid.

How to Make Manure Tea for Garden Plants

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While this may help, it is still hard to be consistent, since those beneficial organisms need the right environment to maintain high populations in the brew. Manure tea, a natural fertilizer, provides the nitrogen your plants need.

What is in Compost Tea?

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There is also recognition that different composts can affect different crops in very different ways. Whichever you use, compost or cow manure, make sure they're well decayed and pulverised. If you live in the city, probably not…but maybe you know someone who does. At any time in his garden he would be making compost tea, using two things - either his own homemade compost or well-rotted cow manure.

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The aim is to produce a nectar coloured liquid that's strong enough to feed your plants and stimulate the soil, but not so strong as to harm seedlings or pot plants. On the compost website http:

Compost Tea vs Manure Tea

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