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Much has been made of what the Bush administration knew and when and why the rescue effort and response was so slow and ineffective. In addition, the site lists where and how to get help, donate and volunteer, and find people, along with links to key state government agencies in the region.

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BellSouth had not installed battery backup, knowing batteries would be insufficient to power a system of such magnitude. FEMA continues to hand out outdated information and very little hard help.

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One of the more interesting shifts experienced during the Katrina disaster occurred when many bloggers found themselves impeded by power and communication disruptions while major news outlets began adopting blogging and bulletin board functions. Bad information, poor decision making, and delayed rescue responses resulted in the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of people. Fighting Back Federal The rampant greed, fraud, and opportunism that co-evolved with the Katrina disaster were met head on by efforts to counteract them. The citywide network will also provide secure communications for police and fire departments and could serve as a robust communications system during the next hurricane season.

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The event was open to any blogger who wanted to raise awareness and contributions for relief. In the aftermath of Katrina, while the federal and state governments tried to place the blame on one another, scores of community organizations stepped up to fill in the gap of basic human services that were sadly lacking. Rick Schwartz and fellow members of TargetedTrafficForum.

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Despite these briefings, the federal response was inadequate and slow. In areas that sustained power outages, DSL likewise went down.

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