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Craigslist Odessa Texas - Used Ford and Chevy Trucks Popular For Sale in 2012

Craiglist midland tx. Austin, Texas

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Pit Stop has the 1 best cooked brisket and largest tent to raise money. In Singapore if a person is found with possession of marijuana, they are sentenced to death.

Rents rising across cities in Texas

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He reads some listener emails from areas surrounding Austin and what they have to say about energy bills where they live. Heavy rains in forecast for Austin, hopefully to fill up our lakes. Poppa Henry Salas joins us for a talk about the dangers of social media for children. She talks about Willie Nelson and his many film appearances, including his role in the upcoming Zoolander sequel.


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Stoney LaRue concert is postponed tonight for June 6. Cap 10K is this Sunday.

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The guys say goodbye to the Legend. There some important holidays coming up Bob reminds us of them now so we have time to prepare. In Singapore if a person is found with possession of marijuana, they are sentenced to death. Bob remembers the year anniversary of the smoking ban in Austin.

Midland rents increase sharply over the past month

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There is news about possibly hiring a new UT basketball coach. The conversation turns to the guys talking about crimes and leaving your kids in the car.

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