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Moon who married Oct 5, to Thomas Anderson. I can be contacted at the email address at the bottom of this page. While the diaries often suggest that the cattle died from an imaginary disease called "hollow horn", it is thought by some experts that the loss of cattle was actually due to anthrax with the stress of the journey as a contributing factor.

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Hannah was the mother of five known children by her first husband Thomas F. Gilham led a train from Macoupin Co, IL that consisted of about 20 wagons and 70 people. Married Margaret Davidson in Benjamin Hyland for added protection through Indian country.

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It is possible that the "B" was meant to be a "P" but it would have to be researched further. It is unknown at this time which of the Anderson children came to OR in

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Allen left Council Bluffs on May 19, , heading for Oregon. At least for a portion of the journey they were joined by a group led by Newton D.


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