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Craigslist 65802. 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Piano on Craigslist

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We believe that playing an instrument should be accessible to anyone. Playing the piano is a challenge for beginners. If you list any medications, please list the reason for which you are taking them.

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Piano stores are equipped to get your new piano to your home, in-tune and without a scratch. If you have been vaccinated for Hepatitis B, please also include the dates you received each injection series of 3. Please read this carefully and be as thorough as possible. The last thing a new learner needs to compensate for is a poor instrument.

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If you list any surgeries, please list the condition that led up to surgery. We commonly encounter entire colonies of pests that are still kicking! Remember to give details, such as the start and stop dates, diagnosis dates, allergic reactions and the cause of the reaction, right or left side, how many, etc. Piano dealers will tune and refurbish the interior of a piano before putting it up for sale, which means those 10, parts are guaranteed to be working.

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List the date you started them, the reason why and the dosage and frequency i. We believe that playing an instrument should be accessible to anyone.


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