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She's built tough as nails. Even today the Mariah is still thought of as one of the best built, sturdiest bluewater boats around. When I was in the market for a new machine, I asked your opinions on mechanical machines and then discovered how much I liked them. Heck, there's a even a pilothouse version for those who sail in cooler climates.

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Your Description is Saved Automatically Now, when you get to that point, Craigslist will save your description and you can go back and edit the description whether you have a bad internet connection, or you just want to come back later and finish describing your item. Many of these I would have had to buy extra anyway, so it's not entirely a fault of the It is at this point where you can click away from the page and Craigslist will save your post as a draft.

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The downside is that when I sew on other machines, they feel so slow! Of course there's always the very similar looking Baba 35 or Baba 40, but now we've officially left the land of "affordable" bluewater boating. You will then see any saved drafts where you can edit and post live to the site. All in all, I couldn't be happier with my machine.

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Also, see these related blog posts: I haven't written about my machine since, because it's been a smooth, drama-free relationship. And look at those shin-high bulwarks around the rail!

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