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At the same time, the perceived exploitation of the West at the hands of eastern interests fueled booster-like attempts to build self-sufficient indigenous local industry. William Eitel, Jack McCullough, and Charles Litton , who together pioneered vacuum tube manufacturing in the Bay Area, were hobbyists with training in technology gained locally who participated in development of shortwave radio by the ham radio hobby.

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The term gained widespread use in the early s, at the time of the introduction of the IBM PC and numerous related hardware and software products to the consumer market. Thus, regionalism helped align Stanford's interests with those of the area's high-tech firms for the first fifty years of Silicon Valley's development. Its first tenant was Varian Associates , founded by Stanford alumni in the s to build military radar components. Shockley's work served as the basis for many electronic developments for decades.

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The line was completed when [James] Gamble's northbound crew met a similar crew working southward from Marysville on October A very powerful sense of regional solidarity accompanied the rise of Silicon Valley.

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A very powerful sense of regional solidarity accompanied the rise of Silicon Valley. Baugh…" He says, "In , the gentleman established a wigwag telegraph station a top a high hill overlooking Portsmouth Squares for signaling arriving ships… The operator at the first station caught these signals by telescope and relayed them to the Merchant's Exchange for the waiting business community.

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