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To both Niles and Ritchie, you played an Appalachian dulcimer by fretting only the melody strings. If you do wind up shopping for an imported Appalacian dulcimer online, make certain you have someone check it out as soon as it arrives.


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In the meantime, we're publishing these notes as a way to help you get started. Though its popularity in the United States can be traced to the Scott-Irish settlers of Appalachia, it seems to be related to a German lap zither called a scheitholt that has a much older history. So you may find a primitive, stapled, plank head, carved tuning-peg dulcimer that sounds both louder and sweeter than a lot of fancy-looking modern dulcimers with all the "bells and whistles. The data relating to real estate for sale on this website comes in part from the Broker Reciprocity Program.

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But a well-made teardrop will blow a cheaply-built hourglass out of the water every time. Construction is the most important - and often the most invisible - feature of a well-made dulcimer.


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