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Purchasing an Offer There are currently no offers on Belong that require you to purchase within the app. The date the current transaction was processed by SSA. Use this function to view past SSI records. The guy at the top of the Earth in the diagram sees the Moon on his horizon, and the guy on the side of the Earth sees it overhead.

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One of my favorite brain-benders is the Ponzo Illusion. The illusion works because our brains are a bit wonky.

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There is an option for both types of offers whereby you can add the offer to your 'Wishlist'. Purchasing an Offer There are currently no offers on Belong that require you to purchase within the app. So, how does this thing work?

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Selecting an Offer An offer can be chosen by either saving or purchasing it. The illusion works because our brains are a bit wonky. I found this beautiful example of Ponzo: Another last name used by the recipient.

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