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Define Sexy.

Definesexy. 12 Women Who Absolutely Define Sexy

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What we perceive we are—we are. Why is sex the only thing that's deemed sexy about women?


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Most importantly, tell yourself how awesome you are, resurrect those flirting skills from a few years back, and most importantly, have a blast! Tracy is a mom of three, a cat lover, a fashionista, and a stunning photographer. How close are sexy and sexual?

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I've been mulling that one around for a while now. But keep your breasts inside your shirt!

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This is how they're seen—by others, by me, and now, by you. How close are sexy and sexual? She's also the founder and owner of Little Love Media, a social-media enthusiast, a book lover, and a believer in the power of chocolate and hugs. But keep your breasts inside your shirt!

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