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Dhcook. Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Television Sets

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There aren't many ions in a modern CRT but I suppose a few here, a few there, and eventually they add up to enough to cause a major disaster at least on some CRTs. The following are suggested starting wattages:

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Sometimes, just letting the problem bounce around in your head will lead to a different more successful approach or solution. These designs may take several forms:

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For the main capacitors in a TV or monitor power supply which might be uF at V, this would mean a 5K, 10W resistor. If you are not going to be removing the CRT anode connection, replacing the flyback, or going near the components on the little board on the neck of the CRT, I would just stay away from the fat red wire and what it is connected to including the focus and screen wires. This doesn't mean that every one of the capacitors in your TV need to be discharged every time you power off and want to make a measurement. For a TV, it may just be a bad connection or blown fuse.

David H. Cook, Ph.D.

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