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Dishwasher Diagnostic No Power & Not Starting - GE,General Electric,RCA,Hotpoint GLD4100M00CC

Dishwasher quit working. Fixing Bosch Dishwasher Draining Issues

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Make sure the air gap is not clogged. The dishwasher's problem turned out to be a blocked drain - specifically a whole almond caught in the strainer. Most just unscrew or pop off by hand, but some have a small screw that holds it in place. Make sure the water valve is open.

1. Check the Filter Inside the Dishwasher First

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As a result, I had to take it apart again to fix it. Luckily, this is very easy to fix. Finally, the magic moment came.

How Do I Unblock My Dishwasher Drain?

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How it's supposed to work: What if I don't have an air gap?

GE Profile™ Stainless Steel Interior Dishwasher with Hidden Controls

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