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We finally know whether pineapple can change the way your vagina smells; Healthy Vaginal smells Tips

Does pineapple juice change the taste of seman. Does Pineapple Juice Make You Taste Better Down There? (I Found Out)

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One couple takes the ultimate taste test in the bedroom. It is possible for women to orgasm through oral sex. No matter whose semen it is, it tastes like a cross between sour juice, bitters, mold, and a dirty sock. How to make semen taste better?

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Reports suggest around 80 per cent of women having difficulty reaching an orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone. Perhaps he's just looking forward to giving me a larger pearl necklace? Share shares Despite there not being an abundance of scientific evidence linking the two together, smaller studies have found the same.

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But stimulation of the clitoris, regardless of the method, is effective in achieving the desired end goal. Lady juices, not so much. He was skeptical that changing my diet would make any difference given that vaginal lubrication isn't exactly liquid. They found consuming high amounts made a significant difference to the taste of both men and women's secretions.


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Three days later, stuffed to the gills with the green stuff, we take turns going down on each other while watching a basketball game on my sofa. Pineapple Juice Since what seems like the invention of the juicer, the wonders of pineapple juice have been lauded for their semen-sweetening abilities.

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Bummer for any women out there who have funky vaginas. Some people may describe it as tasteless and some may describe it as slightly sweeter. Swishing him around my mouth, I realized it actually did taste significantly sweeter. In fact, this is how women and also men describe the taste of semen.

Myth #1: You can't get an STI from oral sex.

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