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We have always wanted to be seen as filmmakers who happen to be Christians. As the market for religion-driven entertainment expands beyond denominational boundaries into the mainstream, it's clear that, while many of these talents may have found their religious path, they are still finding their way when it comes to entertaining the masses. Beltz, minister, co-producer and an author himself, first read the book in and optioned the movie rights when they became available two years ago. The reception for Christian music and films from mainstream critics has been largely neutral or negative.

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Inspired by a novel of the same name by Gregory McDonald, Fletch went from thriller to comedy as it was adapted into a vehicle for Chase. By Gloria Goodale, arts and culture correspondent Date: Director Purdy, who has written scripts exploring religion but doesn't describe himself as religious, was brought in.

Will Hollywood get religion?

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Fletcher, known to everyone as Fletch, a Los Angeles Lakers-loving investigative reporter with a gleeful disdain for deadlines and a knack for pushing the buttons of his frustrated editor Richard Libertini. Comments from "Megiddo" producer Matthew Crouch that God "positioned the film to be the answer for a question we didn't even know would be asked" brought the film extra attention, particularly from the media. DeMille mined the Bible for some of his biggest hits, and the devil never seems to go out of fashion as a villain. Quotably funny -- and fast-paced enough to smooth over the jokes that don't land -- Fletch is one of the best big-screen vehicles for Chevy Chase's brand of smug silliness.

The Spirit Moves Them to Entertain

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