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Video about drill team rifles:

Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon Stun A Packed Arena

Drill team rifles. Marine Barracks Washington, D.C.

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At the same time, all files, except the left file, will smartly turn their head and eyes 45 degrees to the left Step. While Marching Forward at Quick Time. United States Marine Corps 's Silent Drill Platoon , drilling with inert M1 Garand rifles A drill purpose rifle is a rifle which has been altered so that it can no longer be fired.

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You will continue to march in the new direction at quick time cadence until given another command. For the count of three, release the left hand from the sling, and smartly and in the most direct manner return the left hand to the left side, assuming the position of attention at sling arms Three. At the command of execution MARCH, your next step will be to place your left foot approximately 15 inches and directly in front of your right foot Step. Our performance is not even a shadow of yours.

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Simply click on the " Air Force Nationals Hotels " link and identify yourselves as specified by each hotel. On the command of execution ARMS, and for the count of one, smartly and in the most direct manner, bring the left hand across the body and grasp the sling of the rifle just above the right hand One.

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The only command you may receive while marching at ease is, ATTENTION, which is preceded by a preparatory command that is designated by the size of the unit, such as squad, platoon, or company. Canadian drill competitions consist of the following:

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