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Nerium oleander or Flowers of Pink Colour Kanher

Dwarf oleander colors. Dwarf Oleander

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They are useful planted as a shrub border, at the base of hedges, around ponds, at the base of building foundations and in median strips and outdoor living areas. This smaller size makes oleanders available to homeowners who don't have the large space it takes to grow full-size varieties. If you need to prune or shape your oleander be sure to do it in early spring to avoid loss of flowers.

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Cut back hard in the spring Description Description This fast growing evergreen shrub performs beautifully as a landscape anchor plant, a natural screen, or planted along highway medians. Oleanders are considered to be deer-resistant plants. See more Double peach hibiscus flower:

Growing Basics

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They will tolerate wind and salt spray. Put the infected branches in a plastic bag and freeze it for 24 hours.

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