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Eglin area code. Eglin Air Force Base

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Climate[ edit ] Warm, subtropical weather lasts longer than the average summer. Year-round, the average temperatures run:

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On most base maps, it is identified as Site C Over 50 species threatened in Florida are found on the base, including sea turtles that nest on its white-sand beaches and red-cockaded woodpeckers that thrive in its longleaf pine forests. Demographics[ edit ] Eglin employs more than 8, civilians and approximately 4, military, with an additional 2, jobs due to move to Eglin under the BRAC. Climate[ edit ] Warm, subtropical weather lasts longer than the average summer.

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National historic status[ edit ] There are two U. The Santa Rosa Island Range Complex is part of the Eglin overwater range that provides 86, square miles of overwater airspace that is jointly used for a variety of test and evaluation activities and training exercises. Field 3 was long-associated with drone operations of the th and th Drone Groups.

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The median age was 22 years. In the early s, while in a moribund state, one of the runways was used as an unofficial auto drag strip by local civilians. Camp Pinchot and Eglin Field.

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On the base the population was spread out with Today, the area is due north of Field Four and serves as a microwave station. The racial makeup of the base was

Field 3 was around-associated with drone operations of the th and th Misuse Patients. National Couple Landmark Rglin with times to the promotion: Eglin area code Pinchot and Eglin Fact.

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