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Mix - Famous Rappers Who Don't Believe In God: Hip Hop Songs Dissing Jesus and Other Deities

Eminem atheist. Atheist Woman Sues To Remove "So Help Me God" From Oath

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This is demonstrably untrue, and can be shown to be untrue, through the unshakable devotion of mothers to their children; in the uncounted cases of husbands caring for sick, incontinent and demented wives and vice versa at their lives' ends; through the heartrending deeds of courage on the battlefield. Word spread around my trade that I was somehow mixed up in church matters. This will not make us close friends at this stage.


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Both of us, I suspect, recoiled from such an exhibition, which might have been amusing for others, because we were brothers --but would have been wrong, because we are brothers. At 18, he experimented with the drug ecstasy and was struck by the possibility that the human mind—his own mind—might be able to achieve a state of loving unselfishness without the help of drugs.

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The one reliable force that forms the foundation of the concept of the rule of law. While I was making my gradual, hesitant way back to the altar-rail, my brother Christopher's passion against God grew more virulent and confident. I have heard people who believe themselves to be good, defend all these things, and convince themselves as well as others.

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