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Escort en salinas ca. 1941 USAAF Serial Numbers (41-13297 to 41-24339)

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Meanwhile, Tuscaloosa departed New York on the 21st and arrived at Norfolk the following day. There are also several photographs of southern Sudan along the White Nile, including images of a post boat near Rejaf and people in dugout canoes and on a Nile boat near Taufikia. The ensuing discussions between the two heads of state hammered out the " Atlantic Charter ". Lend Lease for de Gaulle's Free French.

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He then headed east. The " Divine Wind " came down from the Japanese home islands, in the form of planes piloted by pilots so loyal to their Emperor that they unhesitatingly gave their lives to defend their home soil. These included explosives warehousing, gas works, oil-drilling, slaughterhouses, and tanneries. These were the first-ever US Navy naval aviation air raids against any European targets, and they lasted from 2 — 6 October

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