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Cutting through all that ice is a big job, so Tom Skilling hitched a ride on the deck of the Coast Guard cutter Mackinaw as it crossed the upper Great Lakes to see how it's done. The ruined power cables are owned by American Transmission Company. It's taken longer because we need to do it right," he said.

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He said the organization chose to get involved in funding the Titanic project because of the jobs the attraction is expected to create. Her crew made it to shore in the yawl. The stern is gone from her mizzen and the gale probably broke her up completely and her outfit and cargo may prove a total loss.

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Marys River will also form part of Monday's presentation. It was the most iron ore that we had shipped out of this port in 10 years," she said.

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Plans call for using an underwater vehicle to check the damaged cables and pipeline. Construction of a new 50,square-foot heated warehouse is also in the works.

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