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It is also an inoffensive word for penis that many children use in Spain. Compare to Italian porco Dio, porca Madonna or the numerous possible bestemmie see: These range from the inoffensive pito lit. Among close friends, the term is often inoffensive; however, it is not a word to be used casually with strangers.

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It is played with two balls with a radius of 4 inches and with a bat of two inches wide and 9 long. In Chile, goma is also an offensive term for an assistant. In Chile, culo is considered offensive as it sounds very much like culear ; poto is used instead. Most, if not all, of the profanity is of Peninsular Spanish origin, has always been much more prevalent in Spain, and was already existing before the population in Spain and Latin America was exposed, to any degree, to Evangelical Christianity.

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Spanish profanity varies in Spanish-speaking nations, and even in regions of the same nation. Thus its usage is limited mostly to friends and trusted acquaintances or among young people. Such expressions would be said as: It can be used as a noun:

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